About Steam That Are Costing You Money

Noisy, uncomfortable, expensive steam heating is normal.

It is most definitely NOT normal. If you're aware of your steam system, it isn't working properly.There are no bad steam systems. Only misunderstood steam systems. Usually misunderstood by the untrained "heating guys" who've tried to fix them and only created more problems.

Noisy radiators are a cry for help. Call The Steam Whisperer today and fall in love with your steam heating. Once our clients discover that properly adjusted steam heating is quiet, toasty warm and extremely economical, they usually kick themselves for not getting it looked at sooner.

All HVAC/heating guys know steam heating.

They don't. Even if they say they do. (Go ahead and ask what specific steam heating training they've had.) If the person you hired can't tell you the names of the steam heating products they've trained on, or the manufacturers who provided the training, how can you expect them to know how to fix your system?

Or you can just call The Steam Whisperer.

Not spending money on steam system maintenance is saving it.

Unfortunately, the longer you go without maintenance or repair, the more it's going to cost when you can't avoid a repair.

Steam is old-fashioned and outdated.

  • Steam heat has been 80% efficient since it was first installed in 1855. Forced air heating has only begun to approach this in the past few years.
  • Steam moves the heat throughout the building without needing a pump or a fan blower. So it uses less energy.
  • Steam heating doesn't dry out the air or blow dust and nasty allergens around your home. Your family (and sinuses) will thank you.
  • A properly maintained steam boiler has a 30+ year service life. A typical forced air furnace has a 7-10 year service life. On the other hand, a poorly maintained steam boiler will last about 14 years. (So what are you waiting for? Call The Steam Whisperer now!)

Besides, taking pride in our work and helping you spend less to heat are "old-fashioned" values that should never go out of style.